Guest Bathroom: Before and After

FINALLY.  Our guest bathroom reno is done. I repeat,  DONE.  It’s been a long journey, my friends.  I think we started this project more than a year ago, taking breaks in between to work on the other rooms of the house.  But I can now take A BATH, people!!!  Woohooooooooooo!

Take a look at the before shot (note: this was taken with a wide angle lens):
Guest Bathroom Before 

And what it looks like now:
Guest Bathroom Full View

We did some major work in here: we gutted it to its bare bones, moved all of the plumbing, installed heated floors, drywalled, tiled, painted, installed new fixtures including a separate tub and shower, and finished it off with accessories. I won’t lie, looking back, there are quite a few things I would have done differently in terms of the design but hindsight is 20/20, and well – this was my first bathroom design so I guess I’m allowed to make some mistakes, right? All in all, it still looks pretty darn good.

Guest Bathroom Shelves
Guest Bathroom Bottom Shelf
Guest Bathroom Wire Basket
Guest Bathroom Vanity
Guest Bathroom Sink
Guest Bathroom Faucet Knob
Guest Bathroom Bath Faucet

Guest Bathroom Accessories

So… you likey?

14 thoughts on “Guest Bathroom: Before and After

  1. This was definitely a labor of love, team work at its best, and the result is well worth the sweat and cusses, ah ah ah! Can I be a guest at your house and have Adam bring me breakfast in bed????

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  3. Hi! Love your remodel!! Could you tell me the dimensions overall of your bathroom? We would live to do this similarly but not sure we have enough floor space. How long is the wall with the window above the Tub and the wall the sink is on? Thanks so much! Have a great day!

  4. I saw ur bath on pinterest and just scrolled thru about 3 years of ur life/blog to find it! ha. THe funny thing is….we seem to share the same appreciation of paper products, DIY, renovating. lol. And I live about 30 from Ogunquit, which was funny too. So, anyway, I LOVE the vanity, sink & countertop. Where is it from-or did you build it? thanks!

    • Hi Jeanette,
      Glad to hear we have the same taste. I like you already! The vanity was actually made from a dresser that we bought at west elm. My husband fashioned some holes for the plumbing fixtures, then we custom ordered a quartz countertop for it. It was definitely a project but I like that it was not your run of the mill vanity. Hope it helps!

  5. Hi! I’m wondering if you can share your source for the shelf brackets and wood top (or did you make the wood shelf yourself?) Looks great!

    • Hi, I bought the brackets at a local store called V de V in Montreal. The shelves themselves were made from scratch by my husband, and according to him it was pretty simple to do. Thanks!

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